Our Journey May Benefit You!

So how do a Certified Financial Planner Professional (Dad) and Ph.D in Urban Education (Doc) come to work together?  Dad started with New York Life in 1976, two months before I was born.  After years of experience, he's seen a myriad of scenarios involving businesses and individuals, and he never ceases to amaze me with the questions he asks and the information he is able to relate to each individual's or family's situation.

He and Mom have been married for over 40 years.  That many years ago, Dad was working at Service Master in Toledo and then for Gold Circle in Mentor.  Then, he met a New York Life agent, and the rest is history.  After three children and a handful of energetic grandchildren, Dad continues to serve his clients with their best interests in mind.

When I graduated from high school, I had every intention of following in Dad's footsteps.  The plan was going smoothly until I was bitten by the bug of education.  After teaching drama to special needs students and traveling to Immokalee, Florida to work with migrant farm workers, I decided to teach high school English.  I taught in the suburbs and in Cleveland, and was laid off with over 800 other Cleveland teachers in 2004.

I started Cleveland State's Doctoral Program that year and made my way in to higher education administration.  I worked at CSU for seven years, running its Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program.  I advised high school students who were enrolled in college courses.  It was a wonderful program, but I felt called back to my original career intention:  to work with Dad and help people find a financial path that fits their situation.

So how may our diverse experiences benefit you?  As an educator, for years I taught and advised students, listening to their academic and career interests, creating options for them to be successful.  And as for Dad, his integrity and experience speak volumes.  Give us a call!  Together, we will help protect you and your family and make your money work hard for you.  God bless.   

Frank J. Feola, Ph.D.